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Why advertise with Athens Info Guide?Why advertise with
Athens Info Guide?

The answer is simple:

- Because we are the biggest, the greatest, the best!
- Because we get the highest number of hits on our site!
- Because you need us!
- Because so many others advertise with us!

Nah, we are not the kind of site that hits you over the head with marketing slogans or lies. Our advertisers are our partners, our friends.

- Because we are the biggest, the greatest, the best!
Being the most complete information guide about Athens is the reason why we can be flexible and see our advertisers as people, not as Euro or Dollar signs. We know what we do and we try to do it well.

Become an Athens Info Guide Partner- Because you need us!
Of course you don’t need us. You can do without us. We let our advertisers benefit from our continuous growth. Not being part of a big and high priced web design or advertising company with a lot of people to pay and high overhead costs, gives us the possibility of offering our advertisers ad space at very reasonable prices, not outrageous ones as often is the case in cyber land.

- Because so many others advertise with us!
What is the best place to hide a car (stolen or otherwise)? In the middle of a big parking full with cars. The same goes with advertising. A lot of sites have more ads than information and because there are so many ads, yours, nor any other, will be noticed. Just a few cars parked at the curb side of a big boulevard, stand out a lot more. Athens Info Guide is just what the name says and we tend to keep it this way. Therefore, the number of ads per page are restricted, giving our advertisers the chance to stick out.

Sticking out with Athens Info Guide!“Ah!”, you will say, “We have our own web site.”. Happy to hear so because it proves you are modern thinking and are well aware of the internet's possibilities. However, you may have the best shop in the village and every villager shops with you but you won’t get any more customers if you don’t put up road signs so other people can find you and, of course, shop with you.

Have a closer look at the Athens Info Guide and read what our visitors say about it. It will take some of your time but it may be time well spent. We are at your disposal to answer your questions and give you our advertising prices. You can send us an e-mail from our Contact page…. and, hey, it might make your day!



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