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The Rion-Antirion suspension bridgeInfrastructure in Greece

Greece is in the process of completing its vast programme of infrastructure projects with EU support. As a result, every level of transport and communication is being upgraded on a profound scale. In parallel, the liberalisation of the energy and telecom market leads to the modernization of the existing network and provide new opportunities for development.

Highways and motorways in Greece

Egnatia Highway
Egnatia (680 km) stretches east-west, linking the northwest port of Igoumenitsa to Alexandroupolis at the Turkish border via Thessaloniki, with nine vertical connections to the Balkan countries and links to five ports and eight airports.

Pathe Motorway
The Pathe motorway (750 km) includes the Athens ring road and stretches the north south axis from the port of Patras to the border with former Yugoslavia.

Ionian Motorway
The Ionian Motorway is the western axis which connects Rio-Antirio with the port of Igoumenitsa and the Egnatia highway.

Attiki Odos Motorway
Attiki Odos is part of the Athens peripheral ring road. It is the main link of all transport (airport, ports, intercity railway stations, urban train stations, metro, intercity coach stations and heavy goods transport stations). The motorway serves more than 30 districts in Attica.

Rion-Antirion bridge
The Rion-Antirion suspension bridge is one of the most important and impressive projects in Europe. With a span of 2.5 km across the western mouth of the Gulf of Corinth, the bridge connects the southern peninsula with northern Greece. Top

Railways in Greece

The Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) investment plan of 3,245 billion Euro is a large expansion programme which will modernise Greece’s main rail access, opening a rail connection to Europe via the port of Patras.

The project entails the construction of a double track line in accordance with international specifications, which will link Patras - Athens - Thessaloniki with the country’s north and northeast borders. The project has been designed for trains with high manufacturing specifications and standards. Top

Port of Piraeus Ports in Greece

Greece has 123 cargo or passenger ports which handle passenger ships, cruise ships and cargo. With the financing of the EU, 50 ports will be upgraded with a total expenditure of 300 million Euro.

Port of Piraeus
Maximum draft: 14.0 million Euro
The port of Piraeus is the largest port in Greece and lies on the Saronikos Gulf southeast of the mainland. General cargo, bulk cargo, containers, tankers and ro-ro vessels are served.

Port of Thessaloniki
Maximum draft: 11.5 million Euro
The port is located on the northwest shore of the Thermaicos Gulf. Positioned in a sensitive geopolitical area, the Port is at the cross-roads of east and west. It is the nearest European port for handling freight traffic to and from the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Black Sea.

The conventional port is divided into two areas; one area for EU cargo and the other for non European Union cargo. This port is equipped to handle grain, general cargo, bulk cargo, livestock, containers and passengers.
The facilities offered in the Port of Thessaloniki include:

• a modern and efficient container terminal with a combined capacity of 200.000
  containers per  year, large and efficient ro-ro terminals
• 3 container berths
• 20 general cargo berths
• tanker and liquefied gas terminals
• 15 transit sheds
• 20 warehouses.

Port of Volos
Maximum draft: 9.75 million Euro.
Volos is located at the head of the Gulf of Pagasitikos on the eastern Greek mainland. It is at the centre of Greece allowing it to serve the entire country. General cargo, bulk cargo, tankers, ro-ro vessels and ferry boats are accommodated.

Port of Patras
Maximum draft:11.5 million Euro.
The Port of Patras is on the northern shore of the Peloponnesus on the Greek mainland. It services passenger traffic to and from Italy. General cargo, bulk cargo, containers, tankers and ro-ro vessels are served.

Port of Alexandroupoli
Maximum draft: 5.5 million Euro.
It is situated in the northeast tip of Greece, an ideal location for trade transportation in the Mediterranean Sea, serving the northern Balkan countries and the central east European countries. It handles mainly general and bulk cargo.

Port of Elefsina
Maximum draft: 12.4 million Euro.
The port is located on the Saronic Gulf towards the southeast of the mainland, 14 km from Piraeus. Exports include cement, oil-based paints, soap, wine, resin and olive oil. Imports consist of general goods. Tankers are also served.

Port of Igoumenitsa
Maximum draft: 7.5 million Euro.
The Port of Igoumenitsa is situated on the east side of the Corfu Channel, in Igoumenitsis Bay. It is considered the western gate of Greece and it facilitates maritime transport between Greece and Italy. It will be linked to the Egnatia highway, expediting the movement of passengers and vehicles to Italy and the rest of Europe.

Port of Iraklio
Maximum draft: 12.9 million Euro.
Iraklio is located on the north side of the Island of Crete. General cargo, bulk berths cargo and containers are served, as well as passenger traffic.

Porrt of Kavala
Maximum draft: 10.0 million Euro.
Located on the northern Greek mainland, Kavala is a small sheltered port encompassing the offshore oil terminal of Prinos which is situated between Kavala and the Island of Thasos. General cargo, bulk cargo, containers, tankers, ro-ro vessels are served.

Port of Kalamata
Maximum draft: 8.84 million Euro.
The port of Kalamata is located in southern Greece. General cargo, bulk cargo, containers, tankers are served.

Port of Lavrio
Maximum draft: 6.1 million Euro
South of Piraeus on the Greek mainland, Lavrio lies in Egasteria Bay. General cargo, bulk cargo, tankers as well as coastal ships are served.

Port of Chalkida
Maximum draft: 6.4 million Euro
It is situated on Euboea Island to the east of the Greek mainland. The port has reception facilities for general as well as bulk cargo. The principal products handled by the port are cement, building materials and fertilisers. Top

Athens Eleftherios Venizelos AirportAirports in Greece

Greece has 39 international standard airports many of which have been upgraded or rebuilt during the last years. The next five year plan includes expansion and renovation of 21 more airports with a total cost of more than 400 million Euro.

In March 2001, a state-of-the-art airport was delivered in terms of technology and equipment with focus on safety, user-friendliness and service excellence. Europe’s southern gateway to the world, the Athens International Airport has been one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Greece.

The airport is owned by the Greek Republic and a private consortium under the leadership of Hochtief. It has been constructed on a BOOT (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer) for a concession period of 30 years.

Principal airports:

• Athens International Airport
• Iraklio
• Rodos
• Kerkyra (Corfu)
• Thessaloniki
• Kos
• Chania
• Zakynthos
• Samos
• Mykonos
• Santorini (Thira) Top

Telecommunications in Greece

TelecommunicationsJanuary 1st, 2001 the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE) was deprived of its general natural monopoly. This was a result of a new policy which supports new activity and healthy competition in the areas of fixed and wireless telephony.

However, OTE ranks amongst the top groups of companies in Greece and the top ten telecommunication organisations in Europe. It has numerous subsidiaries - such as COSMOTE (mobile telephony) and OTEnet (Internet services) which perform impressively and participates in the international (global and regional) satellite telecommunications organisations and operational systems such as Intelsat, Inmarsat, Eutelsat, and New Skies.

OTE extends its activities beyond the Greek frontiers into South-eastern European markets and the Middle East. Its foreign investment portfolio includes capital investments in other countries (Albania, Armenia, Jordan, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Yemen, Bulgaria, Georgia, Lithuania).

As far as mobile telephony is concerned, it is very popular in Greece. A country with a population of roughly 11 million people has about 6 million cellular telephone customers being served by the four largest cell phone providers in Greece: Cosmote, Vodafone and Tim and Q-Telecom. Top


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