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Life in Greece



Life in Greece


The Greek way of living means weekend jaunts to the islands in the summer or, for winter, skiing at organised resorts. The sea is never more than 80 kilometres from any point on the mainland making water sports a favourite. In direct contrast to the typically dry landscape are the untouched wetlands in the north part of the country home to some of the most beautiful wildlife and significant habitats in the European Union.

Theatre was born in Athens during the 61st Olympiad (536-532 BC) almost at the same time as democracy. Ancient and contemporary theatres abound in Greece. Of the 76 ancient theatres many give classical performances throughout the summer. The international music and dance festivals attract audiences from all over the world and a legacy of 370 museums filled with countless archaeological treasures, classical art, Byzantine relics, folklore and contemporary art are an education in themselves.

Greece has relatively little crime, even in the major centres. Adaptation is made easier for school-age children with various foreign schools to accommodate them while for adults the many foreign institutes, clubs and associations help pave the way to integration.

Greeks love life and living. They are renowned for their hedonistic lifestyle and the long nights they like to spend eating, drinking and dancing. A big majority of Greeks is religious and the most important holiday is Easter when most of the Greeks travel to their village of origin to celebrate with their family.

The dry, warm climate keeps doors open and people happy. Outdoor cafes, restaurants and cinemas are a way of life with a quality that is typical of Greece.



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