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Agia Ekaterini


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Agia Ekaterini
(Saint Catherine)


At the junction of Chairefontos, Lysicratous, Galanou and Goura streets in Plaka, you’ll find the church of Saint Catherine. The original building dates back to the second quarter of the 11th century. It was dedicated to Saint Theodoros. However, in 1767, it became the metochion, a parish church, of the Sinaï Monastery and was re-dedicated to Saint Catherine.

The church was built on the site of an older, early Christian, basilica and one can still see the remains, a small part of the atrium (column and architrave), of that church in the cloister.

The church is of the complex tetrastyle, cross-in-square architectural type. The original façade and interior were later altered by various repairs and additions. The three semi-circular apses on the eastern side indicate the church’s age. The cloisonné style used in the construction, gives some clues as to the masonry of the original building. The cross-shaped roofing of the building is significant as well as the brick pattern decoration which can also be used to date the monument.

Once the church became a parish of the Sinaï Monastery, people from Sinaï began to form a community around the church. Travelers who visited the church in the 19th century mentioned that it was almost deserted. In 1882 Saint Catherine once again became a parish church in response to public demand. Repair work and extensions also took place at this time while the dome was last repaired in 1927.

Since 1922 refugees from Asia Minor have kept the relics of a number of their local saints in the church. The building stands in the middle of a small palm tree shaded square in the corner of which you can see the ruins of a Roman monument.

Location map Chairefontos, Lysicratous, Galanou and Goura streets - Plaka
Nearest metro station Acropoli
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