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Agii Theodori


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Agii Theodori
(Saints Theodori)

On the south-western side of Klafthmonos square, at the junction of Dragatsaniou and Agion Theodoron streets, one can see the church of Saint Theodori. On the church’s western side there are two marble plates with inscriptions mounted on a wall. The first one officially announces that the church was renovated by an administrative official of the Byzantine Empire called Nikolaos Kalomolos.

On the second plate there is an inscription with a date that probably correspondents with the year 1065. Although experts seem to be divided regarding the identification of the date with the year in which the church was renovated, one can assume that the church dates back to the mid-11th century based on its architectural and morphological characteristics.

The church is a variation of the distyle cross-in-square type. Its exterior is particularly interesting. The few small openings on the walls are conservative if one considers the period when the church was built, while the bell tower obviously is a more recent addition. The dome is eight-sided with double-light windows. The cloisonné style of the masonry is a testimony to the technicians’ skills and care while the large stones that support the masonry on the lower parts of the walls are mounted decoratively so that they form crosses.

The church has interesting ceramic decorations: pseudo-kufic patterns, a frieze with small ceramic plates with kufic-like reliefs and other decorative elements, dentils and brick arches around the windows. The church of Saint Theodori is almost contemporary to the nearby Kapnikarea church but of heavier proportions, more severe structure and more conservative choices. In a stylistic overview one could say that the church stands out rather through its strength than through the grace and the rhythm of its characteristic small roofs. The church was damaged during the Greek War of Independence and was repaired in 1840.

Location map Klafthmonos square
Nearest metro station Panepistimiou
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