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The Panagia Chrissospiliotissa church in Athens

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Panagia Chrissospiliotissa
(Virgin Mary Chrissospliotissa)

This church is situated between Aiolou and Chrissospiliotissis streets. The ornate church is a sample of the eclectic (combining elements from various periods and styles of church-building) style that was dominant in Greece during in the 19th century. It is an impressive two-storey building with two bell towers on each side of the narthex.

The older Byzantine church that occupied this site was ruined during the Greek War of Independence in 1835. Preparations for the construction of a larger church began in 1846. However, due to various difficulties and bureaucracy, the works only began in 1863. Dimitrios Zezos designed the church successfully combining the Byzantine style with ancient Greek elements. Zezos died before the foundations of the new church had been laid and Panagis Kalkos took over the supervision of the project.

Legend says that when the Turks entered the Acropolis, women and children threw themselves down from the cliffs so as not to be captured. The miraculous icon of Panagia (Virgin Mary) saved them all. Since then the church has been a refuge for women and children in peril.

Location mapbetween Aiolou and Chrissospiliotissis streets – Anafiotika
Nearest metro station Monastiraki – Acropoli
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