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The Frissiras Museum in Athens


Frissiras Museum

The Frissiras Museum is a modern, private museum of European and Greek painting. It was founded in December 2000 in order to house the collection of its founder, Vlassis Frissiras. The museum is housed in two elegant neoclassical buildings in Plaka, in close proximity to each other, that were restored to their original form and were developed so that they could accommodate their new function.

The building on 3, Monis Asteriou Street was constructed in 1860 and houses the permanent collection. The building on number 7 of the same street dates from 1904. It is one of them most elegant neoclassical houses in Athens with Ionian style elements. It now houses the temporary exhibitions of Greek and European painting and other cultural events.

The Frissiras collection consists of 3.000 visual art works (2.000 paintings and 1.000 drawings) by great European and Greek painters which will be shown to the public in parts. They are works from the 20th century and their subject is the human form.Oil painting by Clive Smith - Frissiras Museum Athens

Among other, there are the works by David Hockney, Frank Auerback, Peter Blake, Jean Rustin, Pat Andrea, Dado, Antonio Segui, Paola Rego, Vladimir Velichovic, Eduardo Arroyo, Valerio Adami, Diamantis Diamantopoulos, Giannis Moralis, Giorgos Mavroïdis, Makis Theofylakttopoulos, Chronis Botsoglou, Dikos Vizantios, John Christoforou, Nikos Baïkas, Kostas Tsoklis, Nikos Kessanlis as well as by John Kirby, Peter Howson, Vincent Corpet, Anderea martinelli, Clive Smith, Simon Pasieka, Giles Marrey, Matthias Schauwwecker, Giorgos Lappas, Tassos Missouras, Tassos Mantzavinos, Edouardos Sakayan, Stefanos Daskalakis and Xenofon Bistikas.

Apart from its great collections, the museum also has a café and a shop.

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3 & 7 Monis Asteriou Street – Plaka
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