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The first University of Athens (1837) now is the  University Museum

Museum of the
University of Athens

Although it is not known when exactly it was built, it is one of the few remaining buildings from the Ottoman period and can possibly be identified as the building depicted in the painting by Jacques Currey dating from 1674 that is on display in the Museum of the City of Athens.

The building is known as the “House of Kleanthis”. It was purchased and developed by the Architect Stamatios Klanthis in 1831. According to more recent information, the house belonged jointly to Kleanthis and Eduard Schaubert, the architects who, in 1833, developed the first city plans for Athens. The house of the two friends was a place where artists and intellectuals gathered to discuss cultural affairs.

In 1835 the building was chosen by the Greek Government to house the first secondary school of Athens. Only a year later it proved to be insufficient to cover the school’s expanding needs. The school was then transferred elsewhere. A few months later it was decided that the House of Kleanthis would become the newly founded Greek university.

The university remained here until 1841 when it was transferred to the half-finished building that still exists on Panepistimiou Street. Later, the House of Kleanthis was leased to the Greek Ministry of Education and after that, it was used by the army until 1861, a year before Kleanthis’s death, when it was sold.The blazon of the University of Athens

In 1963 the house was expropriated by the Archaeological Service which declared it a listed building. The building was donated to the University of Athens in 1967 and it was restored to its original form. Since 1987 it has been functioning as the Museum of History of the University of Athens.

The museum’s collections consist of rare editions of books and scientific studies, documents, decrees, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and letter, portraits (mostly by 19th century Greek painters), stamps and other objects related to university life (banners, flags and medals). Also on display are scientific instruments related to physics, chemistry, medicine and pharmacology.

The museum hosts international meetings, scientific meetings, seminars and lectures organized by the University of Athens.

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Locaton map 5, Tholou Street - Plaka

Nearest metro stationMonastiraki Top



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