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I would like to say that your website has been and still is very useful. I have been here in Athens now for 6 months and who every come here, is recommended by me to look at your site first.
Keep up the great work!!!

Hi, My name is Michael and I'm in Australia .Recently I purchased a set of worry beads. I'm emailing to thank you for the prompt way you responded to my order, they arrived within a week.They are truly beautuful.I am never without them. Even Greek friends of mine, comment on them Once again thank you and I've passed your information to my friends............Kind Regards... Michael

I am a Greek Canadian, born in Athens but I must admit that after reading your pages I learned so much more about my own city of birth. You are doing a very fine job.You are giving to visitors of Athens, Greek and non Greek alike, very valuable info, covering all levels. My family and I are, God willing, visiting this blessed by all Gods city and I learned very many things from your pages. I liked them so much that I printed them all and will take copies with me because I know I will need your information often. Thank you so much for contributing in such a splendid way and in making in possible for people to have a pleasant and safe time while in Athens. Keep up the fine work. May God bless. - Chris - Canada

Hey Athens Info Guide team!
I was searching and searching all over for a website with everything I needed to know about Athens (from a tourist perspective) and just couldn't find anything! It was so frustrating. I thought I was going to have to just show up and figure it out along the way (which I don't like doing).
All I needed to know was:
- How do I get from the airport to my hotel the cheapest way possible?
- Where are the sites?
- Where are the clubs, restaurants and bars?
I found everything I needed and more on your site! The metro map was exactly what I was hoping to find. Thanks so much guys! I'm sure my trip to Athens will be so much easier and relaxing thanks to you. Keep up the good work!
Kind regards,
Louis - Shell Internatonal

The Athens Info Guide is going to be such a great resource for our 500+ teacher delegates. It's so full of useful information and is written candidly, with a light touch and obvious affection for the city, the country and the Greek people. It is the best we've seen and we've scoured sources to find the 'best of the best'. Good-luck with your work. – David - USA
Congratulations, one of the easiest to use and most informative websites of all the main cities in the Mediterranean countries. Everything is in the one spot and I particularly like your description of the historical sites. Well done – Fred - Australia
A very useful website, thanks! - Kerry - USA
Your site is absolutely wonderful. - Louise-Marie - France
I studied plenty of sites. Your's is by far the most complete, user-friendly and practical. Thanks for all the free tips and info. - Loe - Belgium
First af all I congratulate you about the huge job that you did with your web site. There are a lot of usefull informations. It gave me a very good inspiration and one reason more to visit Athens. Enes - Serbia and Montenegro
What a great site! It makes travel around a lot easier! - Lenie - Holland
I'm going to Athens in July and I'm sure your wonderful site will come in handy planning what to do in my free time there, great work! I - Annelies - Belgium.
I was just writing to let you know that I have received my product and it is great! It's been a pleasure doing business with you. - Bill - Massachusets
We wish we would have found your amazing guide sooner. We have decided to go back to Athens and this time really see it. Thank for making this possible - Wendy and John - New York.
Dankzij deze site kon ik op 8 oktober in het Odeion Herodes Atticus een prachtig concert bijwonen met symfonisch werk van Theodorakis. Mikis zelf was aanwezig en scheen de uitvoering van zijn werken erg te waarderen.Hij applaudiseerde in ieder geval erg enthousiast. Ik bestelde op 24 september dus telefonisch mijn kaart en ik zat op rij 3 in het midden.Een betere plaats had ik me niet kunnen inbeelden !Bedankt Athene. Ik was er nu al 4 keer maar ik kom zeker nog terug.Je bent mijn favoriete plek! - Anne - Belgie
A truly amazing site with such important information expressed with passion. Love i!t - Melina and Nicholas, Brisbane, Australia
If you have questions, Athens Info Guide has the answers! A tremendous help and very thoughtful on all reasonings and explanations necessary! I'm sure I will email again sooner or later! In the meantime...THANK YOU! - Ginger - Montichiari - Italy
Thank you for your very thorough explanations. You answered all of my questions!! - Behive - LA - USA
Thit is the best site i've ever seenabout Athens.. Inspiring... - Ebru - Bodrun - Turkey
Fantastic site! Boy when you build a site, you really build a site! - Jim Eliason - Dayton - USA
The obvious love you have for Athens really shines! - Orlicus - Dublin - Ireland
Wooow, master of Athens! Great pages, great pictures!!! - Paul - Brussels - Belgium
In 4 weeks I am going to Athens for a week! I am going there with two of my friends to visit Athens for school! (but also a little vacation of course). It is gonna be very cultural! Your site has thougt us a lot!!!!! It has so much information that even i didnt know!! So thank you so much!! Now I know what I can expect and what to see! Now I know exactlly where it is!! I cant thank you enough!! Thanks - Despina, Jody & Brigitte - Almere - Holland
Very great site. When read the Athens Info Guide pages, it seems to me to be in Athens again.Excellent job you've done and hope to see more. Greetings from China. - Shenjoh - Fenzou - China.
I just got back from Athens and your guide makes me want to go again! - Laura - Atlanta - USA
Thank you for your very thorough explanations. You answered all of my questions!! - John - Las Vegas
The obvious love you guys have for Athens really shines! :) - Orlicus - Dublin - Ireland
Thank you for sharing your Athens info page. Very interesting for a visitors to Athens and I will share it with my clients. - Shirley - Meander Adventures - France
We think that your site is very friendly, clear and well informed - keep up the good work! Sue and Costas - Athens - Greece
Your site about Athens looks very interesting and we will be pleased to give it as a tip to tourists that are interested on broad information about the city - Greek National Travel Office - Amsterdam
I have taken a quick look at your website and it is very user friendly and I can find a lot of information. It looks very professional and gets full marks from us. - Peggy - World of Tui Travel Center - Belgium
Thanks so much for your information. We had a great trip to Athens. I hope to be able to return sometime. When it happens, we will be sure to use the Athens Info Guide, it was very helpful. Thanks. Carol - University of Michigan
I wish I had seen these pages before my trip to Athens. I have discovered many new sites to see. Excellent and well done! - Silas Manuel - Washington - USA
I am NOT impressed... I am deeply MOVED by your Athens Info Guide. It's nice to see someone see the things that we take for granted, with such a fresh and enquiring mind. God knows how much we have missed the philhellenes of your kind. Thank you! - Manos Krokos - Athens - Greece
Thank you very much for your help. We found Athens to be a very friendly place, we got lots of help regarding travel, using the Metro and Trolley buses from the Athens Info Guide. We visited the majority of historical places in and around Athens. We enjoyed our stay very much. - Brian - England
Very great site! When I read the Athens Info Guide, I feel like being in Athens again. Exellent job you are doing. I hope to see more. Greetings from China - SenJoh
You seem to know Athens as well as I do. Exellent site! - Lilith - Athens - Greece
This definitely is the best Athens site I've ever seen! It's wise, funny, interesting and eye-catching. I'm impressed, to say the least! You absolutely must keep up the good work!!! - Gale Bloch - Warsaw - Poland
If you are not employed by the Athens Tourist Board, then it is their loss because you are an incredible ambassador to the real Athens! You offer us so much information in an enjoyable reading fashion. - Jane - Toronto - Canada
It seems u know Athens better than us who live here!!! Thanks for promoting my city in the best way!!! I'll take a closer look and let u know if there is something more u can add but I don't think so... - George - Athens - Greece
Bravo! Excellence personified. Thorough, detailed, interesting, and historical. Thanks for all the work you have gone through. Who needs a travel book- We have the Athens Info Guide!! - Dee - Chicago - USA
I make Horiatiki all the time. I was fortunate enough to have great Greek food in Melbourne, Aus. - not in Greece, but very authentic. - D. Devito - Melborne - Aurstralia
Outstanding!! I lived on Crete for two years and hope to return to Greece this summer. Your tips will certainly go with me. Thanks!!! - Ed Thore - Matthews - USA
Thanks so much for the time, effort and research you put in here, Athens can be proud to have such a page. NOW we have to come back to see what we missed. - Martin Sampson - Israel
Excellent local customs tips ! - Nicolas - Greece
Excellent page, really helpful. You've got every detail there... :) I didn't know about most things, so I'll have to visit Athens once again! :) - Noblica - Belgrade
Hi, you-ve done really amazing work here! I do not have to buy the local Time Out anymore ;-) - Irene - Athens - Greece
Nice Info Guide, a labour of true love. Well done, a true spirit of place. - Chris & Maureen - London - England
A so huge site requires more than a mere visit! - Claudine - Malaga - Spain
One can easily see how much of yourself and hard work you guys put in building these pages. I know now who to ask for information in case I visit Athens again ;) Have fun. - Ina - Ljubliana - Slovenia
Great site. Thanks for taking the trouble. Last November, we were turned away by gunboat from Piraeus as we were on the Aurora which had the Norwalk virus. The year before, we got stranded in floods. Hope to be back. It's obviously a very exciting place! - Dave - Manchester - England
I totally agree with your idea of travelling: not to stay on a chair at the edge of the swimming pool!! However it seems I missed a lot of Athens, having stayed there only one day!!! Great super informative site! - Sarah - Bologna - Italy
I'll be back to Athens pretty soon and you'll e my guide this time!!! I really enjoyed having a look at your Athens page...Great photos and great tips...Greetings:) - Nadine - Europe
Beautiful info web site. I remembered Athens by looking through your photos. - Alexander Rusak - Minsk - Russia
Oh.....So nice work !....I like the photos and tips a lot. ! Thank you. - Hebbe - Bergen - Norway.
An excellent stie, from an excellent person, for special people. - George - Thessaloniki - Greece
A very detailed page about Athens. Bravo. You bring the whole city in your guide. - Okyar - Istanbul - Tukey
There is simply too much for me to read in one sitting...I'll be back to check out the more...Great details on the Acropolis...I didn't know the Elgin marbles were a wedding gift. - Jenn - Long Beach - USA
Very, very good site and very useful information!! I would say encyclopaedia of Athens:)) After reading your pages i like Athens even more:) - Rok - Ljubliana - Slovenia
You have done justice to the home of western philosophy, great site. - Steve Howarth - London - England
Congratulations, this is a REAL travel guide!!! I couldn-t stop reading. Very helpful. - Roberto - Buenos Aires - Brazil
Huge information in your Athens Info Guide. I think I will be in Greece again in 2005 what's a great country which I would spend my life after retirement. Great job! - Jill Coleslaw - Hong Kong
Congratulations for the Athens Info Guide. You can prepare a real travel guide in paper with all these tips.:)) Great job! - Gokce - Istanbul - Turkey
You're a gentleman and a scholar, a wealth of information as I used to be an ancient history student. The rock of Arieos Pagon holds particularly fond memories but nothing I could write about here. - George Masters - Worthing - United Kingdom
. . . there was a demonstration in Syntagma Square when I was there. What an informative and useful site with so much to see! - Dorothy - Fairfax - USA
This site is quite the chef d' ! It's going to take me some time to read it all. - Catherine - Rome - Italy
What can I tell, it-s just a fabulous site. I wish I read it before going to Athens =) - Larissa - Minsk - Russia
I can say for sure: it's one of the best Athens sites I-ve ever seen!!! It was so emotional for me to make this trip (virtual this time) again! I will finish to read later! Have a great week end! My best wishes from France. - Elena - Bourgogne - France
WOW! A truly detailed and personal guide with loads of good info! This Athens site just blew my mind off to see such an enthusiasm. - Tiina - Helsinki - Finland
I have only started to look through the Athens Info Guide but I am already very fascinated! Thanks for a beautiful site! - Christine - Karlsruhe - Germany
Oh! What a great Athens-s tourist guide! - Mohammed - Bengazi - Lybia
Stunning Athens site. There is so much information, great tips and great job!!! - Ann - Vancouver - Canada
It's good to see such a detailed Athens about Athens. - Imbi - London - United Kingdom
Woooow... what a site! It's real detail and very useful. This really reminds me the Athens trip. Also I got more knowledge from your page. Really good and I think you can publicise travel books after u add more pages. :) Very well done. - Vicky - Chiayi - Taiwan
This truely is an amzing site! I intend to visit Athens and I will use the Athens Info Guide to lead me. Thank you for saving me a lot of surfing time. I don't need to look elsewhere, everything is here. Athens can be real proud of this guide!. - Konstantin - Varna - Bulgaria


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