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Athens with childrenAthens with children

Children are children and they always will be whether they live in a big town or in the country. It is no secret big cities or not what one would call child-friendly and Athens, with its traffic, pollution and fast life, certainly is no exception. Up to some years ago there were not too many facilities available for Athens children to escape the city but over the last years a big effort has been made. Now children in Athens have ample opportunities to play and be creative, to listen, observe and enjoy themselves as much as they want to.

Athenian children are outside children, especially in summer when the days are long and warm. It has become a tradition for many families with children, to go to the National Garden on Saturday where the children can play on the playground, enjoy the duck pond with new made friends or play with the parks cats. They also will go to the Pikioni Park (Filothei), the Pedion tou Areos or have fun on Mount Ymittos. During winter they will go to cinema's, traditional shadow theatres, puppet shows or just enjoy themselves with friends at home.

If you want to combine creativeness and play for your children, you will find that many Athens museums have special children areas where they can learn about the museums collection in a playful way or express themselves in craft work, singing, acting etc. Who said museums are for old people?

Any child enjoys going for an ice-cream and a cold drink on a warm Athens afternoon. Your children probably won't be any different and Athens gives you all the opportunities to do so. Having lunch or diner on a green covered terrace will be another thing children won't say no to and in case your children don’t find anything to their liking on the extensive menus restaurants have in traditional Greek food, you will also find more familiar food like spaghetti on most of them. You have a busy sightseeing day and no time to sit down and eat? Souvlaki solves your problem. To top of the page

Leisure Time
Athens zoo

Attiko Zoo - Location map Gallous Street - Spata (close to the airport). Open: daily 09:00-17:00
Saturday and Sunday: 09:00-18:30
The Attiko Zoo is home to 2.000 birds (30 different species), as well as mammals (roe deer, lynx, wallabies, lions, snow leopards, jaguars etc.). There also is a playground, cafe and souvenir shop on site.
Take bus A5 to the terminus, then change to bus 304 to the Zoological Park stop.

National Gardens - Location map Amalias Avenue. Children can play in the immense park, feed the ducks at the duck pond, visit the little zoo, play in the playground or enjoy seeing the stacked water turtles in the turtle pond. There is a cafe, lots of cats and bird and it is a cool place to spend a warm Athens summer afternoon. To top of the page

Hellenic Children's MuseumHellenic Children's Museum - Location map 14, Kydathineon Street. Tuesday to Friday: 10.00–14.00. Saturday & Sunday: 10.00–15.00. The museum is closed on Mondays and on national holidays. Admission: free.

One of the early museum experiences for children between 4 and 12 years old, where they are provided with an environment adjusted to their needs and abilities, is the Hellenic Children’s Museum. The main philosophy of the museum is the conviction that real objects, direct experiences and entertainment support learning. The Hellenic Children’s Museum exists to encourage children to discover, understand, learn, enjoy and shape the world in which they live with a respect for individuality and an emphasis on team work.

The Hellenic Children’s Museum has educational activities on two floors for children from 4 to 12 years old but also a seminar program “Education in museums” as well as parents’ sensitization courses and other adult seminars. The museum employs 12 full-time staff members and 9 part-time staff, supported by approximately 150 volunteers who are employed in all areas of the museum as well as experts in Greece and abroad. To top of the page

PuppetsPuppets and Marionettes

EmporikonLocation map 11, Sarri Street & 9, Riga Palamidi Street - Psirri. Sunday: 12:30. For adults: Tuesday. 22:00
"The Dragon's Wings": a performance with puppets and actors filled with images and music presented by the Prassein Aloga group.

Figoures kai KouklesLocation map 30, Tripodon Street - Plaka. Saturday: 17:00.
Original (paper) puppets from Antigoni Parousi's "Grey Box" puppet theatre. To top of the page

Shadow Theatre

Athanasiou Shadow TheatreShadow Theatre
Location map 356, Vouliagmenis Avenue. & 10, Kougki Samouil Street - Agios Dimitrios
Sunday: 11:30 & 15:30.
There is also a shadow puppet exhibition and a Karagkiozis (shadow theatre) workshop every Saturday at 11:00 & 12:30.

Figoures kai Koukles - Locaton map 30, Tripodon Street - Plaka
Sunday: 11:00 & 17:00
In the foyer, Tasos Konstas has an exhibition area with collector's puppets made by well-known shadow theatre artists. To top of the page

Folk shadow theatre (Karagiozis)

Folk shadow theatre is of Asian origin. It represents a dramatic form of expression. Greek shadow theatre is inspired by the Turkish tradition, absorbed during the period of Ottoman rule.

The main character is Karagiozis, who is surrounded by caricature figures from everyday Greek life and stars in plays inspired by Greek history and mythology, folk tales and everyday life. The figures themselves are made of leather or cardboard and are moved by the animator behind a white screen called the “berdes”. Light from behind the curtain projects the figures onto the screen.


Childrens TheatreEthniki Lyriki SkiniLocation map 59-61, Akadimias Street
During the summer season 2004 Carmen Roungeri will be directing "The Magic Flute" by Mozart at the Herodeion. This performance is very accessible to children but keep in mind that it usually is sold out quite early.

PortaLocation map 59, Mesogeion Avenue
Xenia Kalogeropoulou's stage for children, also known as Mikri Porta or Little Door, has brought up generations of young theatre lovers for over thirty years. The stage also is functioning as a nursery for young emerging actors and directors. This year, together with Thomas Moschopoulos, they have adapted the "King Stag" by Carlo Gozzi. This performance, with a great amount of improvisation, is strongly influenced by commedia dell' arte.

National Theatre Children's StageLocation map 48, Panepistimiou Street
The well-presented fairy tale performances with the wonderful stage sets and costumes by the city's first national theatre have found a place in the heart of young theatre-goers and created the need for the establishment of an additional permanent stage at the National Theatre: the Children's Stage on Panepistimiou Street. This year, an adaptation of the "Birds" by Aristophanes for children is being presented here entitled "The Land of Birds", directed and adapted by actor/director Giannis Kalatzopoulos. To top of the page

Amusement parks in AthensAmusement Parks

Allou Fun ParkLocation map Kifisou Avenue & Ralli Petrou Street - Agios Ioannis Rentis
This is the only entertainment park in Greece for all ages. Free-fall from 40m shock tower, panorama wheel 40 m high for a magnificent view of Athens, top spin & spinning coaster for an unforgettable turn over experience and much more. Not suited for small children.
Open daily: 17:00-01:00, Friday: 17:00-02:00, Saturday: 10:00-02:00, Sunday: 10:00-01:00

Aghios Kosmas go-cart center - Location map Poseidonas Avenue (across from the Aghios Kosmas Beach)
Open daily 09:00-15:00

Fantasy Land - Location map 46, Kifisias Avenue – Maroussi
The biggest luna park in Athens: 11 rides, 1 kiddy ride, 50 games. 20 meter diameter ferris wheel, powerful free fall, dragon, ghost train…
Open daily: 17:00-24:00
Satuday-Sunday: 10:00-24:00

International – Glyfada beach (4th marina) – Glyfada
Open daily: 17:00-01:00
Saturday-Sunday: 10:30-01:00 (winter), 17:00-01:00 (summer)

Kidom - Location map Kifissou Street & Petrou Ralli Street - Agios Ioannis Rentis
The offspring from and next to Allou Fun Park catering only for children. Seventeen rides.
Open daily: 17:00-24:00
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-24:00

Oropos water parkLocation map Chalkoutsiou - Skala Oropos (north of Athens)
A well organized and safe water park for all ages. Large pools, kiddy pools, slides, volley ball, table tennis and bar just opposite the beach.

Tivoly - 2, Zervou Street – Nea Faliro
Open daily: 17:30-0:00
Saturday-Sunday: 17:30-01:00

Varkza – Varkiza – Eastern beach
Ballerina, dodgems, trampoline, ferris wheel, shooting gallery, horse-racing, bar by the sea side.
Open daily: 16:00-01:00 To top of the page

Indoor play centers

Renti Family Park
- 49 Geor. Papandreou Street – Zografou
Second location: 243, Kifisias Avenue
The rainbow-colored inflated toys become a veritable magic kingdom for children aged 1 to 7. Unlimited fruit juice for the children, English spoken and baby-sitting available.

Paramythi - 25B, Ifigeneias Street – Nea Ionia
Slides, bouncing frames, three-story castle with ropes and tunnels and more. Parents can sit at little wooden tables at the bar next to the entrance.
Open daily: 10:00-14:00 & 17:00-22:00
Saturday: 10:00-23:00, Sunday: 10:00-22:00

Renti Family Park - Petrou Ralli Street and Thivon Street - Agios Ioannis Rentis
Children can play (under supervision) with the inflated climbing toys and constructions while their parents watch a film in one of the center’s 20 theatres. After 23:00, parents are allowed to join in.
Open daily: 19:00-01:00 To top of the page


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        Fantasy Land
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