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Congratulations! After reviewing your site, we are pleased to present you with the Market-Tek Design Award! This award is given out by Market-Tek Enterprises, at their sole discretion. In reviewing sites for our award, we look at content, graphics, the purpose of the pages and the experience of the page writer. Athens Info Guide passed with flying colors!
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The SafeSurf rating standard is a voluntary rating system designed to protect children, as well as the first amendment rights of their parents. It was developed with input from thousands of parents and Net citizens, worldwide. Athens Info Guide is Safe Surf rated.
  Van Gogh Award
We have reviewed your site and found it to be truly original and highly creative. You are truly deserving of this award. We really enjoyed your artwork that was done on the front page showing the Acropolis. You are hereby awarded the Van Gogh Award for Artistic Excellence.
Golden Nugget award
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  eNetwire award
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Cool Site award
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  Dark Site award
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Fufnny Turtle award
It's our great pleasure to inform you that your site: Athens Info Guide, is cool enough to win my award.

Funky job!

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  Princess award
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Web 1000 award The Web 1000 Award has been hailed as one of the most prestigious awards on the Internet. It's not an award for everyone. Nonetheless, your site impressed us very much. You are now a Web 1000 Grand Award Winner. Congratulations!   Resource Site award We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work and informative content. Considering the nature of your site, it is with great pleasure that we give you the Resource Site Award for the Athens Info Guide site.
Cave Award Somehow, for some reason, your site has caught the attention of the Stupid Caveman and when something catches his attention he won't rest until he's given that thing an award. ..He may be stupid but he knows what a good web site looks like!   Crude award Not everyone can receive this award. Your site has to be Crude Dude enough to make us say... "Cruuuuude!" And that takes quite a bit. But hey, you win! Yep, you've got the stuff, and now you've got the award!
5Star award Many desire our award....few will posses it! Congratulations! Your site has been selected as a 5 Star Award Winner! Only the best receive 5 Stars, and you are the best.   Nakor award Athens Info Guide has been given the Nakor award. It's a light hearted award that we have fun giving out. Not everyone wins believe it or not. You can be proud to have been selected by Nakor.

Hey hey, did you know that you have a rocking Site? To prove it, we are giving you our Rockin' Site award! We were impressed with your sites: layout, design, use of colours and graphics. All in all, Athens Info Guide is a really grooving site and we are honoured to give you this award.

HindSight Fishing Charters World Class Website Award
After carefully reviewing your site, we would like to honor you with HindSight Fishing Charters' World Class Website Award for surpassing our criteria of excellence in concept, design, layout, rich content and easy navigation.



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