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Ferry tickets

Online booking

Now you can book your tickets for ferries to and from Greece, tickets for ferries in Greece and in Europe safe and secure online in real time. You will get your booking confirmation on screen and by e-mail. You tickets will be waiting for you at the port of departure.

You can book a one way trip, return or make a multi connections booking with or without a vehicle. If available you can also book the type of accommodation you want on the ferry.

No more valuable time lost while you are traveling. Click, book and enjoy your stay in Greece and the Greek islands.

Tickets for ferries to and from Greece or in Greece (price in Euro)

Tickets for ferries to and from Greece or in Greece
(price in GBP)

Tickets for ferries in Europe

Frequently asked questions

For any questions that are not answered below, please us.

If I make an Internet booking will I receive any tickets?
No, You will receive an on screen booking reference number which will also be sent to you by email. When you arrive at the port of departure you should present the booking reference number together with a photo ID and you will be given your tickets.

I would like to make a booking without a car. How can I do this?
To make a foot passenger booking please select 'Foot passenger' from the vehicle dropdown at stage 2 of the booking process.

I am travelling in a group of more than 9 people/vehicles. How can I make a booking?
us with the specific details of your group (route out, route back, number of passengers, number of cars, travel dates) and we’ll get back to you with a price quote and booking information.

Can I pre-book a taxi waiting for me at the port or any other location?
To reserve a taxi online please visit our Taxi transfers page.

How early do I need to get to the port before departure?
Your precise check-in time is shown on your booking confirmation (on screen and in the e-mail). However, as a guideline with most operators you need to arrive 60 minutes before for vehicle departures and 30 minutes before for foot passengers.

I am trying to get a price going out with 2 people and returning with just 1 person. Is this possible?
Due to limitations in the ferry operator reservation systems this cannot be done as one booking. It is possible to do it as two separate bookings. For example:
1. First booking: return route for one person.
2. Second booking: single route for one person.

When I select my routes and click continue it says 'Payment in conflicting currencies'. What does this mean and how can I book?
This message means that you have selected routes that must be paid for in different currencies. To get a price you must do a separate quote for each route. For instance: Dover-Calais (GBP) and Ancona-Patras (EUR) must be done as two separate single bookings.

How do I know which ferry company I am booking with?
Once you have made your booking you will receive your on-screen and e-mail booking confirmation. This includes ferry operating company, port address, check-in time and other essential information. Also, if you look at the terms and conditions for your quotation/booking you will see the operators you have chosen for your routes.

If 4 people are travelling in the car should the number of passengers be driver+3 passengers or 4 passengers?
The number of passengers is the total number of people travelling including the driver.  Therefore in this example it is 4 passengers.

Are bookings transferable to another vehicle?
Yes, providing the dimensions of the vehicle are the same as the original.

I will be travelling in a rental car. Can I book through the Internet as I don't know the make or registration number of the car?
Yes, just enter "Rental Car" in the vehicle registration fields and expected size of car e.g. small, regular, mpv etc. in the make/model fields.

Do I need to take my passport with me when I travel?
For all international ferry crossings all passenger must have their passport with them to get onboard the ferry. Children are able to travel if they are on an adult passport. Babies are able to travel if a birth certificate is shown at customs.  For any domestic ferry crossing (for example within Greece) a form of photo ID is accepted if a passport is not available.


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