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Lykavittos Hill, the highest point of Athens
Lykavittos Hill

Getting to the top

You have a choice how to get to the top of Lykavittos Hill, the highest point of Athens. No, a helicopter drop-off is not one of the choices we’re sorry to say.

The funicular going up to the top of Lykavittos HillYou can go up on foot starting at the end of Ploutarchou street. Mind you, your legs are not going to be grateful especially not when you get to the zigzagging stairs half way up. They will probably remind you of the climb when you get out of bed the next morning… if you still can get out of bed that is. However, you can make it easy on yourself and take the funicular from the same place in Ploutarchou Street. Every 30 minutes one goes up while the other one comes down.

Athens Info Guide suggests you take the funicular to go up and go down by foot. You will see a lot more of the hill this way and you will still be able to walk the next day.

Location map End of Ploutarchou Street
Nearest metro station Evangelismos
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The Agios Yiorgos on top of Lykavittos HillA chapel with a view

After you reach the top, you may rest and have a drink in the cafe/restaurant or let the wind on the observation deck cool you down.

Lykavittos Hill (sometimes referred to as Lycabettos or Lykabettos) is the highest point in Athens, rising 277 meters (910 ft) above the city. Because of its height, it is a landmark visible from almost every part of the capital.

Its name reflects a popular belief that the hill was inhabited by wolves. Another legend explains that Lykavittos Hill appeared when Athena accidentally dropped a large rock she was going to use for the construction of the Acropolis. Despite these interesting legends, Lykavittos did not attract the attention of classical authors and historians. However, the majestic peak is an important tourist destination.

On top of this peak you will find the small whitewashed chapel of Agios Georgios (St. George). From the observation deck you will become silent with the view on the city, the open air amphitheater, the Acropolis and the mountains surrounding Athens. On clear days you can see the ships in the port of Piraeus, the Aegean sea and the islands.

You want a romantic evening in Athens? Take your partner up to the top of Lykavittos Hill after dark and have dinner on the open terrace of the restaurant. The view of the town is spectacular… if you can take your eyes off of your partner. Top


    Getting to the top
    A chapel with a view

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The bell tower on top of Lykavittos hill






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