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Synagogue interior in the Jewish Museum of Greece


The Jewish Museum of Greece


The Jewish Museum of Greece was founded in 1977 in order to collect, conserve, research and exhibit the material evidence of 2.300 years of Jewish life in Greece. Its collection, which is constantly being augmented, consists of seven and a half thousand original artifacts, photographs, documents and archives, and includes diverse material pertaining to the domestic and religious life as well as the historical course of the Greek Jews.

The new building of the museum houses its rich collection on a total area of 800 square meters. The entire floor space of the museum has been organized in areas for permanent exhibition of collections, thematic exhibits, periodic exhibitions, a contemporary art gallery and a video room. It also includes an area for educational programs, a research library, a photographic archive and laboratory, a conservation laboratory and a gift shop.

On the ground-floor you’ll find the interior of the Jewish synagogue in Patras that was transferred from there to the museum. On the first level, the theme is various Jewish celebrations. The collection includes religious artifacts and traditional sugar sweets as well as the special tray of the Jewish Passover.

On the second level there are items (documents, inscriptions and books) of historic evidence concerning the Jewish presence in Greece from the 3rd century BC until the 19th century. Military uniforms, medals, photographs and publications testify to the active participation of the Jews in the Greek War of Independence and the Resistance. Traditional Jewish costumes - The Jewish Museum of Greece

The next displays concern the Holocaust (Shoah) and the destruction of the majority of the Greek Jews by the Nazis. Uniforms and clothes of the prisoners in the concentration camps, photographs, documents and other objects bare evidence of one of the most horrible atrocities in modern history.

There are traditional costumes and clothing accessories like jewels, brooches, hats and shoes, covering the period from the mid-18th century until the mid-20th century, highlighting aspects of the everyday life of Jewish communities in the past.

On the last level, there are many religious and domestic artifacts related to important events in the course of life, clothes, embroideries, tools and household items, charms and other objects related to circumcision, religious coming-of-age, marriage and death.

Particular attention is paid to the museum's educational role, especially with regard to intercultural education and programs for children and young people. Apart from its permanent displays, the museum organizes temporary exhibitions and various events. The Jewish Museum of Greece also has a library, a video-room, an educational space and a shop.

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Locaton map 39, Nikis Street
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