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The War Museum in Athens


War Museum

The War Museum of Athens is at the junction of Vasilissis Sofias Avenue and Rizari Street. The original plot was intended for the building of the National Gallery and was claimed by many cultural authorities to house their activities and events. In the same place there was a military campus in the mid-war years. The camp suffered heavy damages during the movement of Nikoloas Plastiras in 1935 and was abandoned after the war.

Today the museum, which was inaugurated in 1975, is one of the most known buildings of the city due to its peculiar shape, reflecting the eclesticistic styles of the late modernism towards the end of the 1950s. Typical features of the style are the first floor, which is bigger than the ground floor, thus giving the building the shape of a cubistic atomic fungus, the balconies and the exhibition of warplanes and movable cannons in the courtyard.The entrance Hall of the Athens War Museum

It was the first museum in Athens that was equipped with a modern amphitheatre for lectures and projections, conference and reception rooms as well as rooms for storage, maintenance and recording of the collections.

On the ground floor and on the mezzanine, there are collections of heirlooms, weapons and objects for the operations of the Greek armed forces during World War II, the War in Korea and the war history of Cyprus. On the first floor, visitors can walk through the war and military history of Greece from prehistoric years to World War II.

The museum has a rich library, whose entrance is in the courtyard with the warplanes, and a photographical archive with over 20.000 photographs of the history of the Greek armed forces.

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