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Athens is one of the few European capitals that can be proud of the extend and variety of its beaches. Their popularity took off during the ’60 and ’70 when rich Athenians holidayed there. Clean, glamorous, cosmopolitan with a host of facilities and new roads that bring them closer to the city, the Attica beaches offer hours of pleasure on hot summer days.

For your convenience, Athens Info Guide has divided Attica’s beaches into two major categories: the organized beaches where admission buys you a variety of facilities and the free beaches.

Organized beaches

Most of the organized beaches are located in southern Attica. They include the, now privatized, former organized beaches of the Greek National Tourist Board as well as those of Attica’s big hotels and seaside resorts. Competition for public favor is keen and luckily the winners are the Athenians who are now able to enjoy good swimming and well organized beaches within easy reach of the city center. Top

Free beaches

The free beaches, by far the majority, do not charge admission. They are at a greater distance and you run the risk of ‘enjoying’ weekend traffic jams going there but it’s the only way to enjoy beaches reminiscent of the Aegean islands. At the free beaches you either come prepared with your own umbrella or you stake a claim to the tree that provides the most shade. You will find free beaches everywhere along the Attica coastline.

Although most of these beaches are located near busy holiday resorts, they present a very different image on weekdays compared to weekends. Especially on July and August weekends, even the most secluded beaches are flooded with people trying to escape the hot sun and find a holiday atmosphere close to home. Top

Blue flag

Why choose a beach marked by a blue flag? Because they fulfill 27 strict criteria regarding water quality, environmental management, education and information as well as safety and services provided. 97% of all beaches in Greece are marked by a blue flag. Top



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