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Things started changing for the Attica beaches in 2001 when the organized beaches were privatized and the first signs of their new status appeared very soon after. The Asteria Sea Side in Glyfada and the Grand Resort Lagonissi launched a new summer fashion for Athenians. A day at the beach took the form of multifaceted all-day fun.

Today you can have a massage while enjoying the sea view, have finger food delivered to your recliner, play (extreme) games and water sports etc. Of course, it didn’t take long for people to start grumbling about the cost of this kind of summer fun. A trip to the beach has become an expensive pleasure for the average Athenian family who will often prefer the alternative of the free beaches.

Grand beach LagonissiGrand Beach Lagonissi

It immediately became the talk of the town when it opened in 2002. A picturesque bay with crystal clear waters, colorful umbrellas all over the beach, wooden pathways, two wooden piers of which one has a swimming pool in the sea.

From the menus attached to the beach umbrellas so that you can order from your recliner without having to interrupt your sunbathing, to the services provided by the organized spa on the beach, everything suggests a resort rather than a simple organized beach. The prices are high but these productions have to be paid for somehow. Besides the admission charge you also have to pay for the parking.

Facilities: spa, swimming pool, beach bars, coffee and snack stands, newsstands and a beach supplies shop.
Water and beach sports: there is a water sports center with parasailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, banana tubes and jet-skis. Beach volleyball, mini soccer, basketball and mini golf.

Km 40 on the Athens-Sounio road – Lagonissi. – 229 1076 000
Open: daily from 08:00 – 21:00 Top

Asteria Sea Side Asteria Sea Side

The Asteria Sea Side is the classiest organized beach in Attica. White recliners and umbrellas, elegant low buildings, changing rooms… This well known Glyfada beach had been deserted since the mid ‘80s until in 2001 it was decided to turn it into the new summer hot spot.

Right in the middle of this elegant tranquility, there is a super water park in the sea with inflatable constructions. Children are very welcome here. There also is a private area with its own entrance on the beach near the Balux all-day beach bar. The action here centers around the bar’s swimming pool.

Facilities: amusement and water park with inflatable structures water trampoline, seesaws, catapults and water volleyball. Parking (paid)
Beach sports: volley and mini soccer.

Glyfada – 210 8945 676
Open: 08:00-20:00 Top

Asteras Vouliagmenis Beach

Asteras VouliagmenisAsteras has always been one of the best organized beaches with a strong cosmopolitan flavor. The beautiful water, fine sand and floating diving platform have always made it a favorite even when the admission fee is three times that of other beaches.

The beach is always busy. On weekends it actually is too crowded for comfort. Fortunately, there’s a notice board outside the entrance informing you if there are any umbrellas free. All of the beach was radically renovated in 2004.

Facilities: beach bars, two floating platforms, first aid station, kiosk with newspapers, magazines and beach supplies.
Beach sports: water-skiing, parasailing, banana tubes, fly fish, windsurfing, jet-skis, sail boats and volley-ball.

Laimos Vouliagmenis – 210 8902 000
Open: 08:00-20:00 Top

Attiki Akti Vouliagmenis

Attiki AktiThis big beach, with its deep and clear waters, is a favorite with 20somethings. It is complementary to the Asteras beach on the opposite side of the promontory. When it is windy on one side, it is dead calm on the other. There is a special area for sports behind the umbrellas.

Overall the beach creates a positive picture with its tasteful wooden recliners and umbrellas, bamboo rubbish bins, slay ashtrays etc.

Facilities: 3 cafeterias, self-service restaurant, automatic vending machines with soft drinks and coffee, first aid station and facilities for people with special needs (toilet and a wooden path leading to the sea.
Beach sports: 2 volleyball courts

Poseidonos Avenue, Vouliagmeni – Beach A’ bus stop. – 210 9673 184
Open: 08:00-20:00 Top

Lake VouliagmeniLake Vouliagmeni

Even though you can swim here 12 months a year, it might be less attractive during sommer because the water can become warm (25-30°C - 77-86°F). With the first autumn rains, the lake becomes an ideal place to swim as the water never falls below 22°C (72,6°F). The light salty water is warmer near the shores of the lake across from the pier.

If you go beyond the designated swimming area, you will find a small passage through the rocks leading to a small pool where the water is even warmer. This pool is famous for its therapeutic properties. Ropes bolted to the rocks allow you to exercise if you wish to do so. If you are afraid of harmless little fishes, called Black Mollys (Poecilia Sphenops), checking out your legs and feet while you are standing still in the water, you don't want to swim in the lake as you will be swimming with thousands of them.

The lake is a perfect place, not only for swimming all year round, but also because the rocky shore around the calm water is one of the finest backdrops for a quiet cup of coffee to end a trip to the seaside. You may want to bring your own drinks and a few sandwiches as the prices at the bar are pretty high.

Facilities: A hydrotherapy unit and a cafeteria serving mezedes and snacks.

Poseidonos Avenue, Vouliagmeni – Beach A’ bus stop. – 210 8962 237
Open: 07:00-19:30 Top

Voula Beach A’

This is a cheerful, busy and a young crowded beach. The broad sands make it more like a fun park than a beach. Although families do go there, it mostly is a beach for teenagers. The sea here is not at its best. The water is shallow and becomes murky with the slightest wave but the landscape is pretty with a picturesque little rocky island in the background.

The facilities are really excellent. There are plenty of recliners and beach umbrellas and the showers and beach cabanas are clean. This beach has a real good beach shop. “Attica” is one of the best-organized mine-soccer centers in the region while the Palmie beach bar on the far left has sun decks that offer a feeling of privacy.

Facilities: waterslides (pay), beach shop, snack bar, beach bar. There are happenings, frequent parties and other events, especially on Sundays.
Beach sports: waterskiing, parasailing, canoe, beach volley, beach and mini-soccer.

4, Alkyonidon Street – Voula – 210 8959 632
Open: 07:00-21:00 Top

Voula Beach B’

This is the second organized beach in Voula. The waters are calm and clear. The most impressive feature of the beach are the concrete breakwaters that rise out of the sea. They are the best place for sunbathing. The seabed around them though are muddy. You can of course also swim at the other end of the beach.

Facilities: recliners, umbrellas, snack bar, beach shop and beach bar.
Beach sports: tennis and mini-soccer.

18, Alkyonidon Street – Voula
Open: 07:00-21:00 Top

Free beachesFree Beaches

Attica’s hundreds of kilometers of coastline conceal bays and beaches for every taste. To the south the beaches are rocky with sandy shores. They also are the hottest. To the east, the beaches are inseparably associated with the resort centers. Farther north, the area around Oropos and Kalamos has beaches for family. The beaches to the west at Psatha and Porto Germeno with their clear water and virgin landscapes are becoming increasingly popular with the Athenians. Top



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