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Greek Gods and Mythology

Greek Gods
and Mythology

The Ancient Greek divinities can be divided into six classes.

The first of these were the protogonoi or first born, consisting of those elemental beings that made up the fabric of the universe (earth, sea, sky, night, day etc.) As well as being their element they could also appear simultaneously in an anthropomorphic form. For example Gaia was always the earth itself but would also manifest herself as a comely woman in her dealings with the younger gods.

The second were the nature daimones (spirits) and nymphai (Naiades, Dryades, Satyroi, etc)

The third were the human-affecting daimons (spirits) like sleep, death, love, hate, etc.

The fourth were the divine theoi (gods) like Pan, Nereus, Persephone, Eos, Hekate, Triton, etc. There were:

    •  Theoi Ouranioi or sky gods.
    •  Theoi Einalioi or sea gods.
    •  Theoi Khthoinioi or underworld gods
    •  Theoi Georgikoi or agricultural gods
    •  Theoi Nomioi or pastural and rustic gods
    •  Theoi Titanes & Theai Titanides or Titan gods
    •  Theoi Olympioi or Olympian gods
    •  Apotheothenai or Deified mortals

The fifth were the twelve great Olympian gods who ruled and were served by all of the other lesser divinities (Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, etc.)

The sixth were the heroes, monsters & beasts - gigantes (giants), drakones (dragons), theres (beasts), etc.)

Amongst the Pantheon there were many divinities who fell into more than one of these categories. Tykhe is a good example, she was worshipped as a goddess and therefore could be classed as one of the lesser gods, she was also a spirit of the third category who walked the earth unseen dispensing good fortune. She was one of the Okeanides (clouds) and so belonging to the first or second categories as well.



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